Find Out Your Makeup Personality!

We are so excited to share this fun interactive Motives quiz you can share with your customers so they can find out their makeup personality! This quiz was created as a fun way we can get to know our Beauty Advisors, customers, and better learn your makeup personalities so we can continue to create Motives products you will love. Be sure to share your answers on social media and link to the quiz for others to take.

Take this fun Motives makeup quiz to find our your makeup personality! Do you think of yourself as a natural beauty or a makeup guru, find out now!

Natural Beauty

You love to amplify your natural beauty with a little makeup. You invest more time and energy into your skincare routine then applying makeup because you love to embrace your natural beauty. 

Classic Beauty

You love to spend a few minutes getting ready in the morning so you look and feel your best to conquer the day. However, you don’t let makeup define your beauty. You love a blushing cheek, or classic red lip to add a flirty side to your natural makeup look. 

Modern Day Beauty

You’re not afraid to play up a sexy smokey eye for a girl’s night out, but you also love embracing your natural beauty with just a touch of makeup on a daily basis. You enjoy taking a little time to yourself every day to get ready and feel confident and ready to take on the day! 

Makeup guru 

You are a makeup artist at heart! Your application skills show your true talent and love for makeup. Dipping into color, shimmer, or false lashes doesn’t intimidate you.

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