GTL: Euphoria + Inspiration Behind Collection

Have you played with the new Euphoria collection yet?! Today we will show you different look you can create with the Euphoria Eyeshadow and Euphoria Blush Palettes along with hearing about the inspiration behind the collaboration.

Motives Creative Advisor Maria Checa shares her inspiration behind creating the Euphoria collection and how these palettes are on-trend for spring/summer 2020.

Without anticipating the different challenges that we are facing today, the beauty and fashion industry was already moving forward with equality,  diversity, and well-being. This season the beauty and fashion industry brings it all together with the perfect balance of innovation and a nostalgic freshness that appeals to everyone. Whether you are in favor of minimal makeup or creative makeup looks. To me, that sounds like EUPHORIA so that’s how this campaign came into creation. This collection brings you the most beautiful nostalgic fresh pastels with a balance of strong colors to help you create YOU.

Both the Euphoria Eyeshadow and Blush Palettes are created to work together for maximum results. The blushes palette can be used in many ways including eye shadow to perfect your desired look. In the Euphoria Blush Palette, the bottom 3 shades are you staple blush shades, and the top 3 shades are there to layer to perfect your desired look. Glee is there to warm up any look. You can mix it with any of the other colors, layer it, or use it alone. It’s also a great color to create the runway look where you bring your eyeshadow down to blend with the blush. Paradise is the perfect color to brighten underneath the eye. Use it to help blend, lighten, or soften any of the blushes. Exhilarated is the perfect highlighter with the right amount of shimmer to use alone or to add a little shimmer to any of the other blushes.

GTL: Euphoria

Colorful Euphoria Eye Look

1.Begin by taking “Serenity” and blend slightly above the crease.
2.Using “Intoxicating” blend in the crease for added depth.
3.On a flat brush and the color “Essence” Pat On both the inner and outer portions of the lid.
4.Taking “Delight” on a flat brush pat to the center of the lid.
5.Line the lower waterline using “LBD” gel liner. Add “Essence” to both the inner and outer corners of the lower lash line followed by “Delight” to the center.

Romanic Euphoria Eye Look

1.Begin by applying “Allure” onto the inner and outer corners of the eyes.
2.Using “Exhilarate” (Euphoria Blush Palette) pat onto the center of the lid.
3.Using “LBD” gel liner line the eyes.
4.Taking a fluffy brush and the color “Felicity” (Euphoria Blush Palette) blend the outer corners extending the color onto the brow bone and outward.

Sexy Euphoria Eye Look

1.Begin by blending “Serenity” into the inner part of the eye and slightly up into the brow, extending what’s left on the brush into the crease.
2.Taking “Intoxicating” apply onto the inner part of the eye and onto the outer corner of the eye to add definition.
3.Using a flat brush Pat “Calm” onto the lid that has no color making sure everything is blended.
4.Using “LBD” gel liner line the eye.
5.Line the lower water-line with “LDB” gel liner and smudge out using “Allure”.

Euphoria Blush Palette

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