How To Take The Perfect Selfie

Are you a skilled selfie photographer? Taking a photo that perfectly showcases your makeup is not as easy as it sounds.  This Sunday, June 21st is national selfie day, so learn from these selfie tips and tricks so you can show off your best Motives makeup selfie!


Getting the right angle for your selfie can make all the difference in how flattering you look. You want to position the camera above you, this makes your face and neck look thinner, along with helping to eliminate unflattering shadows on your face. However holding your phone like this can be uncomfortable, try adding a pop-socket to your phone to take some of the pressure off your hand when trying to get the perfect shot.


Lighting can make or break your selfies when it comes to showing off your Motives makeup look. You have spent hours creating a beautiful makeup look, don’t ruin it with bad lighting. Natural light is by far your best option when trying to capture that perfect selfie. If you want to take your selfie makeup photography seriously we suggest investing in some lighting. We suggest you start with an affordable ring light to attach to your phone, you can easily keep it in your purse so you can always have great lighting for your selfie. But if you are all in and want to completely transform your makeup photography we suggest a full-size ring light.


Less is more when it comes to your background. When looking at a photo you want your eyes to instantly go to your amazing makeup look as opposed to a busy background. Keep things simple and clean so you are the star of your selfie.


Editing is key, this is where your selfie comes to life. Here is a great Youtube video that shows you how to edit your photo with all free apps. If you want to go all-in, here is a great video tutorial of how to edit makeup photos in photoshop. Be sure to not over-edit your photos, you still want to look like you.

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